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Contract is getting locked while changing multiple sales order

Apr 05 at 12:25 AM


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we are facing issue with the contract lock that whenever one of the sales order is in change mode it also locks the contract due to this when changing any other sales order using the same contract gives error that contract is locked.

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2 Answers

Tao Sun
Apr 06 at 12:35 AM

I think this is correct. Try to if contract has 5 quantity, SO 1 has 2 quantity and SO2 has 2 quantity. If contract has completion rule B (Item is completed after full quantity has been referenced), when user change quantity to 3 for both SO at the same time, which SO should be saved?

This lock is to prevent further inconsistancy.

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Thanks Tao, We want both the contract to be saved since these both are lump sum contract. We want the system to saved the quantity for both regardless of the contract quantity. How can we set this in contract to avoid looking at the contract quantity upon saving?


So far as I know this is not possible. The lock concept is quite basic functionality in SD. As the example I gave in my last reply, if the contract is not locked, unwanted inconsistency will occur if there is multiple reference at the same time.

Typewriter TW Apr 08 at 06:36 AM

Good discussion overall. Good learning. Thanks

Different example -

I think two sales orders can be created simultaneously even though they have availability check activated and same material, plant, storage location (and batch). Why second order is not getting blocked for availability check to work correctly?

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Hi Sir,

Glad to see you again after a long time!

In Checking Group (OVZ2) " Block QtRq" field can achieve this purpose too.