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Sep 11, 2008 at 04:46 AM

Stock transfer with sales agreement at supplying plant.



I need help in the following scenario.

1.It's a stock transfer scenario between two plants.Supplying plant will have sales agreement.Receiving plant will create purchasing agreement on supplying plant.Receving plant is a distribution centre.

2.There will be MRP run at both plants.

3.I would like to know how demand will flow from receiving plant to supplying plant for planning & how deliveries will happen from supplying plant.

Stock transfer should be one step. It means after PGI from supplying plant good receipt should happen in receiving plant.

I already checked with stock transfer scheduling agreement. By creating delivery with VL10D against stock transfer scheduling agreement after PGI good receipt is posted in receiving plant. But customer needs to have Sales agreement at supplying plant & deliveries should happen against that.

Please let me know how it is covered in SAP.

Thanks & Regards,