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Sep 11, 2008 at 03:00 AM

Release strategy with classfication & w/o classfication problem


Hello guys

I am facing problem in setting up the release strategy . ECC 6,0 came up default without classification. we need with classification. i set up w/o classification, then delete it and then did with classification.. it works fine for me in the Sand Box , but in dev server it didn't work for me. It is working only w/o classification , When i am trying to set up with classification , it didn't work for me , i am getting the error message in the check release strategy as follows . How i can find which release group need to create ?

Any help will be highly appreciated



Release code for release group is inconsistent

Message no. ME_RELCHK057


The release code is not allowed because the associated release group no longer exists.


1. Recreate release group .


The release codes and release strategies for a release group are only displayed if the release group still exists. Therefore you must create release group in order to delete the release codes and release strategies.

2. If necessary, delete the release strategies and the release codes for release group .

3. Then delete release group .