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Price maintenance material creation

Apr 04 at 04:07 PM


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Dear all,

Let´s supose we create a externally procured material (ROH). It´s necessary to provide the price within the initial creation? If this material is a component and no price is entered, it is not possible to perform the product costing of the parent material that contains the component. How do you deal with this process?

Thank you all

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Jürgen L Apr 04 at 04:26 PM

How would you like to deal with it, what options do you have?

If this is a new material and purchasing has not yet any price estimate then you can obviously not enter a price in the material master.

The user gets a warning when saving, that's all.

If this raw material is then going into a BOM of another material and you want cost this other material then of course you get a problem too. So what can you do other than urging purchasing to get a price asap? Maintaining a price out of the blue will not make you happy with product costing.

These are basically your internal processes which have to be organized. You could not even do a calculation on paper without knowing a price, so this is not just a SAP related problem.

Of course you can use a material status to restrict the usage of such incomplete maintained material. You can restrict that it can be used in a BOM, you can restrict that it is used for costing. But it does not help you to get a price from your supplier faster.

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Do you think setting price as a mandatory field is a good idea? We are considering to define a high level process to control component release, something like PLM. For in-house products we have this well organized, we have different material status depending among others if prices are maintained. The idea would be to apply this also for components. Raw materials have price control V, so prices are automatically updated when goods are posted against purchase order (goods receipt), so the problem only happens in the initial material creation. Of course is organizational, as you said. The question is: is a good practice to create materials before suppliers are found and prices are negotiated? Thank you!


It just depends if you have somehow access to market prices so that you can have a good estimate even without having finalized the vendor selection.

If that is not possible in a 100% of all new materials then people will just enter 0.01 or 1 or whatever to make a mandatory field happy and you angry.