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Former Member
Sep 10, 2008 at 09:23 PM

Excel integration with Entry and Approval for SSM not working


Iu2019m having trouble getting excel integrated with E&A for being able to enter large number of historic data points into a cube-built model u2013 Iu2019ve gone through all the docs several times and there is no good concrete explanation on how to do this. I keep getting the following error message:

Error opening Excel Automation server can't create object. This can be caused by:

1. - The application is not installed on your machine

2. - The browser security does not support ActiveX scripts.

3. - Your were prompted to run ActiveX and you said No, if that is the cause close all browser instances and reopen.

However, I've done the following:

- Iu2019ve installed the excel add-in on both the server and my local machine, and Iu2019ve enabled the add-in part in Excel on my local machine.

- The browser security is definitely set to accept all active X scripts

- I am never prompted to run activeX when I select u201CHistorical Datau201D within entry/approval. I just get the above error message.

- Iu2019ve flushed cache and restarted listener several times.

What am I missing? I donu2019t see it in any of the docs.