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Apr 04, 2018 at 01:03 PM

SAP ME. Produce 2 parts simultaneously

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There is a use case for which I am still looking for an answer. Applicable to molding injection machines.

The use case is:

- for better machine utilization, the customer can use 2 molds / machine simultaneously. The second product is not a byproduct and also the factory can run the injection mold machine with a single mold.

- as the result of the process, you will have 2 SFC's. In case 2 of the same molds are used you have the same part number (SKU) as end product, but they may use also 2 molds for 2 different SKU, so you get 2 SKU's after this process.

- Molds may be declared as tools in SAP ME.

- When production order or shopfloor order is created/launched, you do not know how many or which parts are created individually. The shopfloor order is created for each SKU, so you may have 2 orders/machine operation.

- Both parts consume the same raw material. Material consumption is available, so that is not the scope of this question.

- Production planning is not done at machine level, so there is no association between machines and SKU and/or shop orders (production orders).

Suggestions for this use-case are welcome.