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Sep 10, 2008 at 05:24 PM

Intercompany reconciliation - help with customizing


hello I am trying to make work the ICR functionality but I could not make it work yet. I'll appreciate any help or guidance about this functionality.

So far I have done (following note 863630):

1. create A & B as companies

2. set company code A as company

set company code B as company

3. set in OBYA the postings for clearing between company codes

A & B

4. I have created A & B as vendor and customer popolating companies A & B as Trading Partner.


5.1 Define Enhancements in sender system - standard

5.2 Define Reconciliation Process Attributes - standard

5.3 Create Additional Fields - standard

5.4 Activate Processes - standard

5.5 Activate Transaction Data Tables - standard

5.6 Maintain Field Catalogs - standard

5.7 Define Reconciliation Process Detail Attributes - process '003' chage recieving ledger to '0L' and chart of accounts to local CoA.

5.8 Define Ledger -standard

5.9 Define Enhancements - standard

5.10 Companies to be Reconciled- set company code A & B; check local company; Sender field for reference = XBLNR for A & B

5. 11 Maintain Number Range for Group Reference Numbers: I've created the number range for process '003'

5.12 Define Rules for Document Assignments - check for '003' the rule 'SAP0050' (I understood that this one would check documentos's xblnr)

5.13 Set Up Reconciliation Display - standard

5.14 Define Sets - standard

5.15 Set Up Display Categories and Subcategories - standard

5.16 Define Possible Status for Documents - standard

5.17 Define Enhancements - standard

At this moment doing that, running transaction FBICS3 (version = 1) the system shows this information:

@5B\QInformation@ Select open items with key date 30.09.2008. Store data in 009/2008.

@5B\QInformation@ Company A/Partner : Number of selected open records: 18

@5B\QInformation@ Company A/Partner : Number of transferred new records: 18

@5B\QInformation@ Company A/Partner A: Number of selected open records: 65

@5B\QInformation@ Company A/Partner A: Number of transferred new records: 65

@5B\QInformation@ Company B/Partner A: Number of selected open records: 75

@5B\QInformation@ Company B/Partner A: Number of transferred new records: 75

so it seems that some data are transferred....

but when I run 'FBICA3 - Customer/Vendor: Document Assignment' the system displays the message "No data selected according to the specified restrictions"

and when I run 'FBICR3 - Customer/Vendor: Reconcile Documents' the system displays the message " No data selected.

I will appreciate any guidance about this matter, I need to configure ICR in order to clear AR/AP transactions (process '003') but I cannot make it work.