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Is it possible to access the git repository in another subaccount?

Apr 04 at 11:22 AM


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Hi everyone!

I think the question is pretty straight forward, so I'll try to explain as briefly as possible. We have a global SCP account with 4 subaccounts of different production stages (development, test, integration an production).

We use SAP Web IDE Full-Stack in 'dev' subaccount, where all the git repos of the HTML5 Applications are stored. Everything is fine there. Now, when we want to deploy, we need to do the rollout step-by-step meaning from dev --> test, from test --> intg and so on.

Let's say I developed a new feature in dev and deploy this as new version 1.1.1. In the git repo, a new Tag "1.1.1" is created:

Also, in the HTML5 Cockpit, the different versions can be seen and individually activated:

So this is all good. But now, I want to deploy this version to the next subaccount (so the next stage). There are a few ways that came to mind:

1) Deploy from Web IDE of dev to any other subaccount. This works just fine, but the problem is that if you want to deploy the same version 1.1.1, but e.g. one week later, the code most likely has changed so its not the same version anymore

2) Export the version deployed to the dev subaccount (.zip) and import that version to another subaccount with the same version number. This works, but you have to do quite a few steps manually (for many different apps to 3 subaccounts). Also this method is prone to error due to the manual procedure.

3) The method I am thinking and asking this question about: Can you somehow change the git remote path from subaccount e.g. 'test' to the same git repo that is in the subaccount e.g. 'dev'? Because I don't really need to develop in a separate git repo in the 'test' subaccount.

But for the deployment process, it would be so much more convenient to just have to klick the magic wand and activate the new version in 'test' subaccount using the git Tags that are created in the git of the 'dev' subaccount.

I hope I could describe the problem as clearly as possible. The TLDR is: "Can I change the git repo of an HTML5 application from subaccount A, using another git repo of the same application in subaccount B?".

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


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2 Answers

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Gregor Wolf
Apr 04 at 11:34 AM

Dear Alexander,

I would suggest you watch the OpenSAP Course Cloud-Native Operations with SAP Cloud Platform where especially in Week 3 you can learn about CTS+ which would be one option to "transport" the app between subaccounts or and in Week 4 which introduces into Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration.

Best regards

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Dear Gregor,

thank you for your answer and the provided course. Looks very interesting! Do you have any infos on when Continuous Integration and Delivery is coming to SCP Neo (not trial)? Because I can't seem to find it or does it have a different name?

Kind regards,


Alexander Karpinski

According to the OpenSAP Course SAP is working on this functionality but it isn't released to customers yet.

Phil Cooley Apr 19 at 11:24 AM

Hi Alexander

I've used 2 mostly but I've also retrieved the git repository in SAP Web IDE in the other subaccounts - retrieved the code then deployed again but like you are saying it is fairly involved no matter which option you choose. The Export/Import option seems to be the easiest for me but yes you would have to do this to every sub-account however you would only be doing this once testing is completed, for instance, in that account so at least it is coordinated.

Sound advice also from Gregor Wolf.


Phil Cooley

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