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Sep 10, 2008 at 03:28 PM

Record Select - selecting a range of values


I am trying to modify a report which currently is pulling information based on a value for the month (in number format).

So a parameter is used, someone inputs a number and the record select is then set to only pull records of that month. Simple enough.

What I am trying to do now is change it so that the user can select a range, for example "1-12" which will look at all months.

I am having trouble accomplishing this.

I have a few formulas set up so one of them simply gets the range:

shared stringvar startmonth;

shared stringvar endmonth;

If (InStr({?Periods},"-")>0)




Then others which can process them, make a list of all the values in between etc.

Now, I just dont know how to get those values into the record select. I can't declare a shared variable in the formula, and I dont know how else I can pass all the values to it so we can select the right data.