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Content Modifier Message Header types in HCI

Apr 04 at 11:10 AM


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There are various types in Content modifier of HCI like expression,xpath,constant,Header.

When and where to use this type? Especially the type Header and property of message header where to use? I am asking about Header and property type in message header of content modifier not Header and property of content modifier.

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Pravesh Shukla Apr 06 at 10:08 AM

Hi Janaki,

The purpose to introduce header type and property type in Content modifier is for Reusability.

Example: You maintained some entries in Header and Exchange parameter respectively and you need to reuse that values in anywhere in the integration flow ,so you can use this header type and property type and can give reference to the value that you want to use.

PFB the screenshots for better understanding:

1) Header (I am using type constant for an example)

2) Exchange Property (I am using type constant for an example)

3) Now we are reusing this value in another content modifier:

Hope it helps! :)



Pravesh Shukla

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Former Member

Hi Pravesh Shukla,

In this scenario, Please see the first content modifier is creating type header with value txn, name SAP_ApplicationID. Since there is no other content modifier is present previously from where the txn value is taken? Can you please help me with the this scenario.


Hello Janaki Ram,

This might be coming from your HTTP sender and please check whether you have any entry in Run time Configuration of your iflow.


Sriprasad S Bhat

Former Member

Hi Sriprasad,

Thanks for your comment. Now the issue has been resolved and can able to understand the things.

Morten Wittrock Apr 04 at 01:12 PM

Hi Janaki

The type determines where the value, that goes into your header, comes from. With the Header and Property types, the value comes from an existing header and an existing property, respectively.



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