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Former Member
Sep 10, 2008 at 12:25 PM

Debugging layout or how to debug background jobs


Hi All,

 VA02

 Enter Order number u2013 642775

 Hit enter

 (From Menu bar) Click on Header->Output

 Select Check box of Output type

 Click on Repeat output button on application toolbar

 Save

 SP01

 Select Check box of relevant Spool number

 Click on display

I am executing the tcode VA02.

When I check in the debugging mode, itu2019s displaying the Layout name (TNAPR-FONAM) & Print program name (TNAPR-PGNAM).

But when I put a break-point in that Print program itu2019s not going to debugging mode.

Even, I have tried with the Layout (Active debugger and RSTXDBUG).

I suppose, the above program is executing in back-ground mode. If so, can we check them through debugging?

Thanks in advance,

Kal Chand