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Sep 10, 2008 at 08:41 AM

LSMW - Creditor


Hi Forum,

I have a question concerning LSMW with Creditors.

My task is to import Creditor Data from a old system into SAP. Every Creditor hold at least one Bank Account Data ( Bank code number, Country, Bank account number), in some cases a creditor holds 2 or 3 Bank Accounts. For every Bankaccount a IBAN should be created from the Bankaccount Data + Bank code number.

I created a record with LSMW for 3 Bankaccounts, but like I said some Creditor have just 1 or 2 Bank Account Datas and here the Problem begins...

A Example :

Creditor with 2 Bank Data Connections with a record for 3 Bankaccounts.

The LSMW fills the right fields with the Data from the 2 Bank Accounts and IBANs are created. The Batch Input stops at the 3 bankaccount because the lsmw wants to create a IBAN without Data. I tried skip_record but this is not the solution.

Anybody a Idea?

Thanks for your help.