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Variable quantities in a purchase requisition

Apr 02 at 09:58 PM


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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to create a purchase requisition (ME51N) where the exact quantities of each line item are unknown, but the overall maximum value is fixed. There are 20-30 line items in the PR (think drilling: footage charge, various chemicals/consumables, a few different types of labor, standby charges, etc.). I need the requisition to get the work started, but the exact requirements of the job will vary. Ideally I would just provide all of the potential line items with 0 quantity, we generate the PO, vendors would enter the quantity used when they submitted their invoice, and as long as it doesn't go over the overall maximum they get paid. As it stands right now, if any individual line item is exceeded the invoice gets rejected, even if they are well under the overall limit.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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2 Answers

Summer Wang
Apr 03 at 12:29 AM

Dear Customer,

Is it a Framework order with item category B, however the framework order GR is not expected.

It it is a service requirement , you can use unplanned service limit to meet the need.

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Former Member Apr 04 at 02:50 PM

You can go for service procurement process

Create service contract - value contract WK type

1. Once quantities are finalised , Create service PR from service contract with quantity

2. Create service PO from service PR

3. Create SES from your Service PO

4. Invoice verification WRT only SES

OR else follow the below process

a.Create service PR with 1AU( activity unit) and create service PO from service PR

b. Create SES from service PO and enter the actual quantity in % or in decimal calculation( such 0.1 or 0.15 or 0.23 etc.....) and receive the services

c. Go for invoice verification WRT SES

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