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Former Member
Sep 09, 2008 at 09:46 PM

dynamic parameters


Hi all,

I'm new to Crystal Reprot dev. I am having a strange problem with creating dynamic cascading parameters, in CR XI r1.

I want to allow users to select Country -> State -> City as choices should be narrowed down according to the previous selection. These three fields are located in 3 different tables, all under column name "NAME" in the SQL db, and I am not allowed to change them. As I followed the standard procedure to create dynamic parameters, values of all 3 parameters are captured by "NAME". So the existing datasource became "NAME -> NAME -> NAME Prompt Group". When I ran the report and selected Country, State dropdown changed to the name of selected Country and repeated for the number of states belonging to the selected country. Say, US is selected, then US will be repeated 50 times in the State dropdown.

I've tried many different ways but couldn't get it work. PLEASE HELP!