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Setting reasonable timeout parameters for Web Intelligence

Apr 02 at 08:27 PM


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I had an important report recently that required some digging into timeout parameters, and we worked it out, setting the timeouts to 35 minutes, in

- Idle Document timeout - 2100 = 35 minutes
- Idle Connection Timeout - 35 minutes

Works great and reliable.

Users are asking for 45 or 60 minutes, is there a best practice?

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4 Answers

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Apr 10 at 03:09 PM

it seems you have to increase the session timeout value to avoid session expire in case of idle.

check sap note 1837122 - Increase session timeout value for BI Launchpad and CMC deployed on Tomcat - HOWTO

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Amit, very good, thank you!


Amit, the SAP note is for timeout in CMC and BI Launch Pad - helpful to know. But I was looking for timeout settings in Web Intelligence. The link I posted below addresses that (at the end of the article).

But thanks!


if i am not wrong than idle timeout is related with BI launch pad when session is expired if you keep idle for some time and again user has to login.


Check attached blog.another way to avoid timeout in webi..

Denis Konovalov
Apr 02 at 08:33 PM

Best practice would be to have shortest possible timeouts, as that allows the backend process servers to recycle and doesn't allow one user/process to hog all resources.
If webi report takes more than 5 minutes to refresh - the product is not being used correctly.

Why are your users need 60 minute timeouts ? reports that take this long are either poorly designed or too big to be read by anyone.
What are they doing ?
Exporting huge amounts of data to Excel ? (webi is not an ETL tool).

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Denis, see my clarification below, thx.

William Peck Apr 03 at 12:21 PM

Denis, thanks for the reply.

I didn't give the full picture, here it is. The report runs fine, always under 30 s. But it's used for "board proceedings", where an Academic council reviews up to 30 students' records, one by one on the report, clicking through each student. Sometimes the review for a student takes 10 minutes. Sometimes it could generate lots of discussion and go 30-40 minutes. Board members all have the report on their laptop. If they sit idle (listening to the discussion) for 40 minutes, then when they go to click to the next student, the report has timed out.

If they click here and there during the discussion, that of course resets the timer.

So just looking for a reasonable timeout period whereby an idle report would still wakeup after XX minutes. We're currently at 35 minutes which is reliable but the board has asked for 45-60 minutes

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this is interesting, so it is not a "refresh" timeouts it is usage timings...
So you're looking not just at webi specific timings, but also - your web and network timeouts.
Can the report be exported into PDF, so that when opened , none of the backend timeouts will be in-play ?
Otherwise - just go for it, see how it'll affect your environment overall. Static viewing won't be that resource intensive, so most likely you're going to be ok.

William Peck Apr 11 at 01:20 PM

I also found this helpful link: "Timeout settings in BI Platform 4.x"

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