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SQl Anhywhere 11 with Windows Server 2016

Apr 03 at 01:33 PM


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Good morning,

A supplier has provided us with your SQL Anywhere 11 program to run a database with our new Windows Server 2016 system and we are continually failing to connect when we enable the firewall. They thought we had to open port 2638 but that doesn't help are there any other ports or requirements that we need to get the SQL Anywhere Database to run through our network?

Thanks for your help.

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3 Answers

Jeffrey Ho
Apr 04 at 03:52 PM

Hello Anthony,

Dose it work if the firewall is disable?

FYI SQL Anywhere 11 does not support Windows Server 2016. Please see SAP SQL Anywhere Supported Platforms and Engineering Support Status.

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Chris Keating
Apr 04 at 04:33 PM

This may be addressed in Connecting across a firewall.

If you are connecting over a firewall, you have to ensure that you are running a network server and that it is using TCPIP (by default, this should be enabled).

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Michael Loop
Apr 04 at 06:55 PM

SQL Anywhere will start on port 2638 by default, but any alternate ServerPort can be specified in the start line or service parameters. If the server is started with the default port settings but 2638 is not available, it will try alternate ports, starting with 49152.

Some firewalls, such as the Windows Firewall, can be configured to allow a specific application to connect, without specifying to port. This may be useful if SQL Anywhere does not always start on the same port.

Finally, most firewalls default to allowing an ESTABLISHED connection. This is important because after the client connects on port 2638, the server then renegotiates an ephemeral port (>5000) to continue the connection. This is standard TCP/IP behavior, but if the firewall does not respect ESTABLISHED connections, then the renegotiation will fail.


Mike Loop - SAP Product Support

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