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Sep 09, 2008 at 01:56 PM



Hi CIN Gurus,

What are the account settings to be checked in order to get PLA CESS account in J2IUN. It is not displaying PLA CESS and all other accounts RG23A BED, RG23C BED.. similarly for ECS, SECS.

What are the different debit and credit accounts to be maintained for PLA CESs i,e wrto DLFC, 57FC, ERPO, OTHR, CEIV.. etc.

How does PLA on Hold account linked to this?

The Issue:

While doing Monthly Utilisation, when i tried to select the duty after selecting PLA-CESS, it is leading to Runtime Error.

If some body faced the similar problem, how to solve it.

And also tell me as there is no offsetting for this PLA Cess(because no PLA CESS on Rawmaterials), how to capture it.

Runtime Error:


There was a conversion error in the output of fields to the screen.

The formats of the ABAP output field and the screen field may not match.

Some field types require more space on the screen than in the ABAP

program. For example, a date output field on the screen requires two

more characters than the corresponding field in the ABAP program. When

the date is displayed on the screen, an error occurs resulting in this

error message.

Screen name.............. "J_1IRUTZN"

Screen number............ 9000

Screen field............. "UTIL1-BAL"

Error text............... "FX015: Sign lost."

Thanks in Advance

Best Regards