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cl_salv_bs_runtime_info=>get_data_ref not returning result.

Mar 30 at 09:31 AM


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Hi All,

I need to call a SAP QUERY program in SE38 report & want to use that output data to fill idoc.

I am calling the program like this, but not giving result in LO_DATA .


cl_salv_bs_runtime_info=>set( exporting display = abap_false metadata = abap_false data = abap_true ).

submit aqa0*****=====ois=========== using selection-set 'TEST' exporting list to memory and return.


cl_salv_bs_runtime_info=>get_data_ref( importing r_data_line = lo_data )."r_data ASSIGN lo_data->* to <lt_outtab>.

catch cx_salv_bs_sc_runtime_info.

message `Unable to retrieve ALV data` type 'E'.


Can anyone help on this?


Kumar Gourav.

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Nic Teunckens Mar 30 at 10:52 AM

Hello Kumar

Pleas try again, leaving out the Statements regarding "EXPORTING LIST TO MEMORY".

I believe this will prevent from generating the ALV, thus your the (S)ALV-Runtime will not contain your data ...?

Hope this Helps

Nic T.

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Thanks Nic It works.

Kumar Gourav Malik

Great! Please Close the Question if you are happy with the Results ...

Kind Regards

Nic T.