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BW: Copy SOURCE_PACKAGE to an internal table in start routine

Mar 29 at 12:32 PM


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Hello all

In BW I have the requirement to store all data of SOURCE_PACKAGE into an internal table. Then I would like to count duplicated entries (except RECORDMODE).

In my start routine of the transformation I started with

LOOP AT source_package ASSIGNING <source_fields>.

But how can I go on?

Thanks in advance.



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I have managed my requirement to check double entries (without deleting them) with two LOOPs.

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2 Answers

Mario Tibollo Mar 29 at 01:08 PM

you should create an itab1 with the same structure of your source_package

then before your loop

itab1[] = source_package[].

ant then continue with the logic needed to get the desired result

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Okay, thanks.

But when I now try to make a SELECT on my itab1 (which is defined as Standard table), the message "ITAB1 is not defined in the ABAP Dictionary as a table, projection view, or database view" appears.


to get data from an internal table you need to used the READ TABLE statement. As this is quite basic abap, i can assume that you have not that much experience. You might want to see if any colleague around you has more experience and can help you.

if your goal here is to get the entire code written for you, you will probably not achieve this. the aim of this forum is to help others, not to do the work of others


Quite correct. This site cannot replace proper training. If you need an ABAP developer (and it seems you do, as you don't seem to understand some very basic concepts), then you or your employer should train or hire one.


You may use SELECT statement only for phisical tables.

Matthew Billingham
Apr 12 at 09:54 AM

SOURCE_PACKAGE is already an internal table.

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