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Sep 08, 2008 at 01:33 PM

MTO Scenario with Subcontracting process


Hi Friends - I am trying to execute a MTO scenario involving Subcontracting process with Delivery processing.

Here I am sending the semifinished materials I have produced in the plant to Subcontractor for further processing to make finished product and sell it to customers.

I have carried out the following steps -

1. I have created a Sales Order for the Finished Product

2. Run MRP (MD50) for the Sales Order

3. I have planned for the Components also through Multilevel planning

4. Converted the Planned Order for the Product to Subcontracting Purchase Order (since the Semifinished Material will be sent to Subcontractor for further processing and then will be sold).

Now the Subcontract PO is also account assigned PO.

I am notable to create an Outbound delivery for this Purchase Order.

Also this is not Visible on the SC Stock Monitor for Vendor (ME2O) transaction.

Therefore I am facing a dead end there.

Pls suggest how do I configure and set up this scenario.

Thanks and warm regards