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How long will it take for moderator to review and publish a blog ?

Apr 02 at 11:00 AM


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i created a blog on march 30,2018. i can see that its status is submitted for review and other cant see this blog. just curious how long does it take since its my first blog

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Jürgen L
Apr 02 at 11:36 AM

Technically it takes just minutes for reading and seconds for the decision in a high % of all blogs, a few may take much longer.

Precondition: the moderator is around.

Each tag has its moderators, moderators are volunteers who have their normal job to do for their employer who pays them for their work but not to moderate the community. So the priorities are in a different order than some expect.

Beside of that moderators have vacation, may reside in a different time zone and have eventually public holidays different to your country. Maybe even have shifted weekends.

The 30th was Good Friday, then we had the Easter weekend which is beside of the religious ceremonies a family feast. And in some countries it is even ongoing, e.g. in Germany is today as well a day off.

So just be a bit patient.

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Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for your comment. My blog on SAP Interactive forms was not yet reviewed by the moderator. So i was just wondering if there is anyone whom i can contact to get this reviewed.


I contacted the moderator by direct message, I see no chance for you in this platform to find his name or to contact him yourself.


thanks Jurgen.. my blog is published.

Florian Henninger
Apr 06 at 09:49 AM

Can take some time sometimes:-)

Released it right at the moment.


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Thanks Florian