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Sep 08, 2008 at 07:12 AM

SD Integration in cProjects



I am using cProjects with hierarchical accounting. The point I am not getting is the SD Module.

The workflow is using cProjects to make the projects structure and then the PS structures is generated automatically by cProjects with the PS template. Now I am recording times with CATS/ESS.... everything is clear to this point.

The point is the SD module.

I have seen one scenario using a normal standard order with the DP90...

- Is it possible to use the same standard order with the DP90 several times for billing different time periods or do I have to create a standard order for everytime I want to run the DP90?

- Is it possible to use a service order instead of the standard order? If yes, where can I maintain the connection between the PSP-element and the order?

- How are you using the integration between cProjects and CO to SD. How deep is this integration? What is it able to do?

It would be nice if someone could bring the light into the darkness...

Thx a lot,