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why schedule line category must needed

Hello Experts,

I gone through several threads in the forum but still confused.

I got the info like...

It confirms the

1. confirmed date of delivery

2. confirmed quantity of del

3. Availability check

4. Transfer of requirement

a.purchase requisition type

b. delivery block

c. movment type of goods

The Schedule line contains the delivery date and quanitity in a slaes document item. This is only a one line explanation for your understanding purpose only.Tcode VOV6.


Now please kindly explain me with an example without slc what will not happen.

one Item can have many schedule lines . Why we need many SLC for one item please tell me with example.

Thanks in advance for all the replies

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    Posted on Sep 08, 2008 at 05:01 AM


    If you take a sales order document, it is divided into three parts:

    Header Level information :

    This consist of the overall information of the sales document, for example Net value of the sales order and the like.

    Item level information :

    This consist of information at item level, like Item 1 has a material with a net price so and so, item 2 has another material with another net price and so and so.

    Schedule line information :

    This gives the information of the time a sales order has to be delivered to the customer, to view this select the item you want to view and to the menu under item >> Schedule line. This date is actually calculated from the delivery date in the Sales document.

    Schedule line Agreement :

    Use the T.code VA31 (and choose Scheduleline agreement) : This agreement lets you to predetermine scheduling of different materials with in a given period of time (This is same like the other contracts).

    First enter the material with quantity say for example Material 1 Qty: 100, go to Edit from the menu >> Item >> Schedule line

    There select within the time period defined two dates, say for example on 12: 01: 2005 40 quantity and on 13: 01: 2005 rest 60 (The qty has to be same as the one in the sales order) .

    Once this is done you have created a schedule line agreement.

    Call this agreement in your sales order (with reference) and use them.

    Imp: You will be able to deliver only 40 qty on the 12th and 60 qty on the 13th, even though the sales order is for qty 100

    Best Regards,


    Note: Schedule Line Category is also needed for Movement Type Determination and Availability Check.

    SM30 - Table View - V_TVEPZ -> Assign schedule line categories

    First check the Proposed schdule line category (SchLC) - double click on the line item

    VOV6 - Maintain the schedule line categories - double click on the line item

    For example, you can control the default returns movement type.

    651 - two steps - with a transfer posting using 453

    653 - one steps - direct post to unrestricted used

    Control the Transaction Flow (tick to activate the function)

    transfer of requirement

    for availability check for sales

    production allocation active

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      I will try to explain your query.

      In fact, Scheduleline category is a control parameter or controlling instrument you can say.

      Sales document has got three level i.e, Header, Item and Schedule line .

      For each level, there is one control parameter/ instrument, Header is controlled by "Sales document type", Item level is controlled by "Item category" and Schedule line is controlled by "Schedule line category".

      So if the Item has got schedule line, then you need to have a schedule line category to control it.

      Beside this, if you want an item to be delivered physically , then you need to have atleast one schedule line otherwise you can not deliver the material physically and this schedule line is controlled by its schedule line category.

      Then question comes, how it controls ?

      In schedule line category, we can control, whether the schedule line is deliverable or not , as all schedule lines are not deliverable.

      Example, a standard item in quotation has got a schedule line but its schedule line is not deliverable, that is why we can create a delivery from quotation and it is controlled from the schedule line category.

      We control here, availability check is relevant or not. Example, when goods are returned by the customer, we create a Return delivery and item in it has got schedule line as it has to come in, but this schedule line is not relevant for avaiability check.

      Why should I check the availability of my material in the Plant when my faulty goods are coming back but when I sale,the schedule line here is relevant for a availability chech.No requirement transfer is also logical.

      Beside this there are many other functions we control here like, whether requirement transfer it relevant for the item or not, whether Purchase requisition will be triggered automatically for the schedule line or not, what will be impact on inventory by the goods movement and we specify appropriate movement type, whether any incompletion procedure has to work for the scheduleline etc., all these we control from this chedule line category.

      Therfore, in sales document you need to have scheduleline category for the schedule line .

      Now, coming to scheduling agreement, it is one type of Outline agreement and especially used in Rental and Maintainance contract.

      Scheduling agreement contains schedule line, that means fixed delivery date and fixed quantity.

      In Scheduling agreement, periodic billing is possible if the customer request for it.

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    Posted on Sep 08, 2008 at 03:58 AM

    I am not able to understand why you are confused when you know the answer also.

    Again for you understanding:

    Shcedule lines contain two important things:

    1) delivery quantities

    2) delivery dates

    There can be multiple delivery dates for a single line item i.e. customer may ask for 1000 KG of a material and he may want to be delivered 400 Kg on a particular day and balance 600 Kg on another day. In this case obviously you do not want to create two line items for the same material.... instead you can create two schedule lines for the same item with the respective quantity and delivery date.



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    Posted on Sep 08, 2008 at 04:10 AM


    If u need the correct understanding of schedule line category,remove the fields one after another in schedule line category for the document ur processing and check the results by creating sales order, delivery and invoice.



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    Posted on Sep 08, 2008 at 06:45 AM


    The items in a sales document are divided into one or more schedule lines. These schedule lines differ from each other with respect to date and quantity.

    Different control elements are also defined for the schedule lines. For example, for some schedule lines, material requirements planning is not carried out; for other schedule lines, it is carried out. Also goods receipt, not goods issue, is posted for a schedule line defined in a returns document.

    The various schedule line categories are controlled in different ways:

    1.The schedule line AT in inquiries is used only for information.

    2.No requirements are transferred and no availability check is carried out for the schedule lines BN and CN.

    3.Requirements are transferred and the availability of the material is checked for the schedule lines BP and CP.

    4.No stocks are managed for the schedule line categories BT, CT and CX. No goods issue is posted for the categories BT and CT. However, goods issue is posted for CX.

    5.The schedule line categories BV and CV are controlled in the same manner as the categories BN and CN. However, requirements can be passed on for analysis purposes.

    6.Goods receipt is posted for the schedule line DN in a returns document.

    7.The schedule line categories CN, CP, CT, and CV are relevant for delivery; the other schedule line categories are not.

    The schedule line category depends on the item category of the corresponding item and the material requirements planning type (MRP) of the material. The MRP type of a material is specified in the material master record.

    Schedule line categories are proposed automatically based on values set in the appropriate table. You can make some manual changes to the entries in the sales document but you cannot change everything. When you enter another schedule line category, the system checks whether this category is allowed. For information on which schedule line categories are allowed in each case, see your system administrator.

    thanks and regards


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    Posted on Sep 08, 2008 at 07:38 AM

    Credit Memo Request and Debit Memo Request do not have any schedule line, as it has nothing to deliver in terms of physical goods.


    Rajesh Banka

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    Posted on Sep 08, 2008 at 04:17 AM


    Scheduline category..confirms the Delivery quantity and Date...

    Becoze....Even if you take the Scheduline category Determination ...its a combination of Item category and MRP type....

    Just you go indepth......MRP type in Material master...and Itemcategory...Based on can do some R& will get clear idea on this..

    Hope you get rgt link



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    Posted on Dec 15, 2008 at 04:38 PM
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  • Posted on Dec 15, 2008 at 05:16 PM


    The details in Schedule lines is related to deliveries. How much quantity has to be delivered, when to be delivered and scheduling different activities related to delivery processing. Those activities scheduled in schedule lines will be actually processed in DELIVERIES only, but schduled in advance while creating the sales order.

    Those Order Items which are to be delivered (relevant for delivery) will have schedule lines. To get schedule should activate the field 'Schedule lines Allowed' in Item Category.



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