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Bad perfomance influence due to large BPC comments table

Mar 30 at 11:42 AM


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Hello. We'r facing problems with perfomance when using one of or infocubes which stores a greate number of comments (more than 50 000 000). Neither of them can be deleted, because business needs them and the amount is growing day by day.

What actions can we take to normalize perfomance with this amount of comments.

Thanks in advance.

BPC 10.0 NW

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2 Answers

Vadim Kalinin Mar 30 at 12:16 PM

Sorry, but how you managed to generate the mentioned amount of comments?

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such happens when your client wants to use bpc to keep and maintain staff schedule


And the consultant didn't explained the client that BPC is not the right tool for supporting the process like you described :)

But still unable to understand how so many comments were generated... can you provide more details?


it's a long talk, they tried, but we have what we have...

The client is a big corporation with lots of entities and workers. Each entity uploads its staff schedule on monthly basis. And it can be uploaded several times if some mistakes takes place. Each staff unit = 1 comment in table. I understand this huge amount of comments as a result of standart behavior of comments functionality, fs comments not overwrite itself but creates a new entry in comments table, when u change it.

I was wrong in initial post - business doens't need all 50 000 000 comments, as they need only last comment and no history. So I observed that there is no scheduled task of clearing historical comments. We will adjust it today to be launched daily at night. I hope it will reduce table size significantly. Will post here results.


"we have what we have" - next time a customer will ask you to develop a procedure to do all accounting in BPC without ERP :)

In general for sure you can clear historical comments. But how do you want to do it?

Lucas Costa Apr 03 at 11:48 PM

There is a standard class you can use to archive comments: CL_UJC_CMTMANAGER > ARCHIVE_CMT. This will send the comments to *A table.

Have you checked what value the users have in the default comment option in EPM? I had a problem where some users had this set with "...".This can grow significantly the comments table.

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