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Mar 29, 2018 at 01:25 PM

Fiori LREQ approval non-workflow: integration to my inbox


Hi altogether,

I am currently configuring the new way for approving non workflow based leave requests with the my inbox app. My systems are on Q1/2018 release for the V3-version, based on the data in the fiori apps library.

I made all the steps, mentioned in this app implementation guide. The last point of the guide is very confusing for me. I have to add a target mapping without a tile itself (two target mappings with only one tile)? I did that. This results in, that the catalogue and app cannot be seen and added anymore on launchpad. When I delete the second mapping the catalog and app appear.

Do I have any understanding problems? I can't integrate my non workflow based leave requests in the central my inbox app?

Thanks in advance for some advices and best regards