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Mar 29, 2018 at 11:52 AM

Cloning of Git repository does not work in SAP WebIDE -> Password not accepted



I try to use SAP WebIDE to clone an existing git repository. On the project portal ( I click on the icon for copy to clipboard and to get the follwing URL.

In the Web IDE ( ) I go to File -> Git -> Clone Repository and paste the URL and click on "Clone". A popup appears that asks for my password - I type my global SAP password but the popup keeps re-appearing and repository is not cloned. If I cancel the dialogue I get the following error message: https://<i-number> not authorized.

I deleted my browser cache and checked that my Email is correct in SAP WebIDE Git settings.

Does anybody have any idea what is wrong? The same procedure is working for my colleagues, they don't have issues, so I guess it is something regarding my user. Is any organization supporting WebIDE or the git repository, so that I could open an incident for this?

Thanks for you help,