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EHS - Import Specifications/Phrases/Reports/etc. - Error code: UTF8_2_UTF16_CONVERSION

Mar 29 at 11:00 AM


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We are working to import specification data from CG33.

We have followed this link: which is indicated in:

In the first link have seen, that recording it’s not supported to EHS. It also indicates that there are other ways to import specification data.

We are using CG33, but we are having issues. We can upload files with CG3Z, but when we try to import data, from CG33, the following error appears: “Error code: UTF8_2_UTF16_CONVERSION”

Our system is in S/4HANA, then it’s in UNICODE. The note: “610695 - Export/import with R/3 systems with Unicode” indicates that it’s not possible to export phrases in format UTF-8.

We are not trying, now, to export anything and our system is not in R/3, but we understand that is more or less the same, that is, we want to import specifications in a Unicode system.

We have created one .dat file, but we don’t have a clear example to know if it’s written correctly.

We don’t know in which character standard we have to upload and import the file so that it does not have errors.

In addition, we have followed the following link:

And we have upload the example transfer file for specifications from sap help, but when we want to import data, we see the same error.

We have followed all the indications in the customization.

Could someone help us with this? We have to follow the indications indicated in the note? Could someone help us with an example of how to create a .dat file?

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1 Answer

Christoph Bergemann Mar 30 at 12:13 PM

Dear Viktoriya

1.) with S/4 HANA Version you should be able to execute the same "import" / "export" options as with SAP ERP version of EHS

2.) I am not aware of any kind of "UNICODE" issue

But we need to pay attention.

First: we have a number of "UNICODE" versions (UTF8 and UTF16). Here I need to reread the OSS you have mentioned

In any case. the topic of import and export was discussed very often here. Most discussion is running using EHS OCC option. Here you can do import for specifications and phrases

1.) as identfied by you: recording is not supported in EHS (e.g.

2.) LSMW can be used (as long as you generate "IDOCs"; i have never seen any body who tried this variant)

Keep in mind. the upload of spec or phrase data is "tricky" (e.g. what OS are you using as there is difference between LINUX and Windows based versions !).

Second: you need to pay attention the "dat" files (they have to be 100% UNICODE enabled). The data tranfer from client to SAP must be done correct (correct mode etc.)

The use of standard import interface using "dat" file is not easy. Many consultants do have problem in using this option.

The best (as discussed in some other thread) is always: first use one specification; maintain data and then do the "export". Then you will understand much better the "dat" file structure. (PS: start simple! E.g. maintain only spec header data, then material asssignment, then identifier: Do not ! start with referencing/Inheritance. This is more complex).

We have now a very good SAP consulting note for use of SAP OCC to do the import (either specifications or phrases). Please check this FORUM. This OSS note is referenced often here.

May be check these blogs/Threads:

But you will find as well threads as:

According to my experience: SAP EHS standard import can do the job; but you need training and a "learning" curve to prepare correct dat file (and there are many pitfills).

SAP EHS OCC is "simpler" to use (but you still need good understading in the structure of the EXCEL to be used. Here discussion has shown: many pitfalls are possible here as well)


PS: may be check as well:

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