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Sep 05, 2008 at 05:51 AM

Error in Wrokprocess log!


Can someone help in this? I upgraded the kernel and in my div_w file I've noticed this error?

[ssfxxkrn.c 453]

N ===...completed with return code 10.

N =================================================

M *** ERROR => likey_init: Could not initialize the SAPSECULIB by calling SsfLibGetToolkit (). [sliclikey.c 1314]

M *** ERROR => SlicLikeyInit: likey_init failed: 1 [sliclikey.c 261]

M *** ERROR => SAPlicense: LIKEY initialisation failed! [slicshm.c 268]

N MskiInitLogonTicketCacheHandle: Logon Ticket cache pointer retrieved from shared memory.

N MskiInitLogonTicketCacheHandle: Workprocess runs with Logon Ticket cache.

M JrfcVmcRegister in process-driver OK

M JrfcVmcRegisterNativesDriver o.k.

W =================================================