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One fact table index part much larger than all other parts

We have a cube indexed in our test system and found that the fact table index part 7 (out of 20) is 10x larger than all the other parts of the fact table index. I've copied the text from relevent fields in TREXADMIN Index admin tab below. All our other cubes have consistent part sizes and are dispersed well over the blades.

I've looked into the partitioning to validate the cube isn't into max partitions. Oracle database statistics are fresh. The number of records in the cube by fiscper is relatively constant over time.

I haven't found how BIA literally segments the fact table into parts to understand why this one index part is so much larger than the others.

Does anyone have some insight or a link to how the individual indexes are segmented into parts?



Index ID          Searchable Docs          Memory Size
ewq_bic:fzles_c06       3,020,686  76,828
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~01	88,981	2,627
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~02	88,972	2,625
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~03	89,491	2,642
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~04	89,152	2,631
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~05	89,029	2,626
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~06	89,346	2,632
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~07	1,324,376	26,804
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~08	89,104	2,631
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~09	89,199	2,636
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~10	89,456	2,636
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~11	89,394	2,641
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~12	89,083	2,627
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~13	89,196	2,634
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~14	89,532	2,629
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~15	89,708	2,641
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~16	89,262	2,635
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~17	89,223	2,627
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~18	88,943	2,622
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~19	89,834	2,650
ewq_bic:fzles_c06~20	89,405	2,632

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1 Answer

  • Sep 06, 2008 at 01:16 AM

    Hi Doug,

    I am crious if this is the picture only immediately after initial indexing or as well after reorg job is done?



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