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Sep 04, 2008 at 04:59 PM

Mass Password Updates


We just ran a full sync overnight and found in the morning that the passwords for the users have all been changed to the same as the NPUserID. We discovered that we had set the password settings in the synchmanager incorrectly.

How can we change the passwords either back to the way they were, or update them to new random passwords?

I had two thoughts:

I could DTW the old passwords from a database backup into the password fields of the contacts in SAP. If that doesn't trigger the PRX_TRANSACTION_QUEUE, I would add those records in through SQL insert queries and re-run the sync.

I could just change the settings in the synch manager, and insert the records into PRX_TRANSACTION_QUEUE to resync them as random.

Will either of these work? Am I going down the right path or should I be trying something different?