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Sep 04, 2008 at 11:56 AM

End user permission not enough? ESS 05



I got a problem with permissions for ESS (Employee Self Service).

After successfully (copying and) customizing ESS I started to narrow down permissions to the minimum necessary. Here is what I found:

Portal Content ID:


(and sub-elements of this folder)

Assigned permissions:

Administrator Read and End User disabled

Here user can access the ESS parts (for example LeaveRequest).

But, with these permissions:

Administrator None and End user enabled

When trying to access the LeaveRequest I receive permission error:

Read of object with ID portal_content/ failed.


Caused by: Access denied (Object(s): portal_content/

I would have expected for End User permission to be enough, after what I read and understood from Help Library and other posts here in this forum.

Can you help me out? Missing knowledge? Wrong configuration? Bug (or even feature)?