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Sep 04, 2008 at 10:55 AM

Default selection of Prospect when creating BP in mobile client


Hi All,

When ever a new BP is being created in MSA, by default 'Prospect' check box should be selected and other check boxes (classifications) should be deselected.

I have made relevant changes in BOCAPGEN in 'Loaded' event. However, when I generate this object it is resulting in an error and the error says,

'DateTime' is not a member of 'Scripting.FileAttribute'.

This error is in the method RelValidDate_SupplyMethod and find below the code.

Public Function RelValidDate_SupplyMethod() as Object

'Combined Method Level Migration Done - this comment added automatically, 9/4/2008 5:40:32 AM

Dim tim As Date

'Version created for transport to 30

'Version created for transport to 30

If ((_unwind(_unwind(TimeOfDay)) = CDate("00:00"))) Then

tim = CDate("00:01")

RelValidDate_SupplyMethod = *unwind(Scripting.FileAttribute.System.DateTime.FromOADate((unwind(Today.ToOADate()) + _unwind(tim.ToOADate()))))*


RelValidDate_SupplyMethod = unwind(Scripting.FileAttribute.System.DateTime.FromOADate((unwind(Today.ToOADate()) + _unwind(TimeOfDay.ToOADate()))))

End If

End Function

Please advice on this.