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Former Member
Sep 04, 2008 at 08:49 AM

Add a new button in BP_HEAD_SEARCH


Hi Experts,

My requirement is to add a new button and disable GROUP button in MainSearchResult view of BP_HEAD_SEARCH component.The steps i followed are..

1.Created a Enhancement set in BSPWDVC_CMP_EXT and assign it to BSPWDV_EHSET_ASG in SM30.

2.Enhancing view MainSearchResult of BP_HEAD_SEARCH component using this Zenhancement set.

3.Redefin DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT method of impl class and add following code for disabling group button.

ls_button-enabled = abap_false.

and for add new button

<button>-text = 'Family'.

ls_button-id = 'CreateEmployee'.

ls_button-type = cl_thtmlb_util=>gc_icon_new.

ls_button-text = 'Employee'.

ls_button-on_click = 'CREATEEMP'.

ls_button-enabled = abap_true.

APPEND ls_button TO gt_button.

But nothing is reflecting while testing in CRM_UI_FRAME....please tell me what step i m missing and m i doing correct.