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Using Status Profiles in Quality Info Records

Mar 29 at 02:02 PM


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The business are using Status profiles in their QIRs to handle First Article Inspections which use a different Inspection a Plan ( Usage 51) to their normal Goods Receipt Plans ( Usage 5 ) . This stops any Goods Recipet until the First Article IL has had a pass UD and it's this they want to change , they want to be able to GR the normal production IL before the UD has been done on the First Article IL . Apart from manually moving the status on in the QIR , is there anything in config or master data where you can turn off the check for the pass UD ?

Thanks a lot


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2 Answers

Sara B Apr 12 at 09:06 AM

Hi Helen,

If you no longer want to prevent GR, and the only difference is in tests performed, would you not just start using Dynamic Modification? The DMR stage can be set at lot creation, not at UD.

I realize there is probably a bit of data work required to change your approach, but the QIR is generally used to prevent procurement activities, and if you no longer want to do this, it might not make sense to keep using it.

Best of luck,


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helen smith 6 days ago

hi Sara

Thanks for your response and I agree . If they dont want to use the functionality that the status profiles offers in terms of preventing the follow on GR , then the only benefit left is the fact that it uses the different plans and like you say that could be managed via DMR though it's not as clean . I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something in config but I feel confident now that I haven't and this functionality can't be switched on and off

Thank you


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