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How can workflow trigger between 2 SAP systems?

Mar 29 at 10:10 AM


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Dear gurus,

A scenario:

System 1: ERP package with Logistics,Finance modules running

System 2: HR system with updated HR master data along with tariff

Monthly once we trigger a copy of HR data into the ERP system


A PR workflow with overall release WS20000077 must begin in the ERP system and go for approvals based on the receivers SAP ID mentioned in the PR. The Approvers data should be taken from the SAP system 2 but run the workflow in system 1

Steps defined:

1. Workflow is setup

2. Task is created

3. A new rule is defined

4. This new rule has a function module which contains class,method,structure to pull org. data from HR system (SAP System 2)

5. Event linkage completed

6. SOST defined to trigger outlook mails with link to approve

Also have maintained :

7. Class in CL24N

8. Characteristics for class

9. Release codes and strategies


Workflow triggers, runs good and executes well if it is linked to steps 7,8,9 (local fetch of data) and this is not our intention

We need to trigger workflow based on the org structure defined in HR system.

The function module we simulated in System 1 triggered back the position of the org structure in System 2. So the function module is triggering data fetch

But the big question is what is missing in system 1 that is not fetching data through function module defined?

Kindly let us know

Thank you in advance

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Jürgen L Mar 29 at 03:33 PM

Long story but at the end it lacks on detail

you talk about a function module, but you hide its name from us, is it homemade? How shall be be able to tell you why this function module does not return data without knowing its name?

further you would need to show us what data you entered into the function module along with the data from the target system that matches with this data.

Beside of that debugging should also be an option.

Also this part is unclear: "Workflow triggers, runs good and executes well if it is linked to steps 7,8,9 (local fetch of data) and this is not our intention"

How can you expect to have a workflow for release strategy if you have not defined the prerequisites? No release strategy found - no workflow - PR can directly be used without approval.

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I will try to be more clear the next time.

Please have a look at this context