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Sep 04, 2008 at 05:04 AM

how to calculate no.of records for a specific company Code and Transaction


Hi All,

Could you please help me how to calculate or count no.of records, in a table which are having a specific Company Code and Transaction Code and populate in an output table displaying that these many records are present for this company code and Transaction code.

The table is having the data like this:


X1 1

X1 2

X1 3

X1 4

F1 NB 5

F1 NB 6

F1 NB 7

F1 NB 8

F1 NB 9

F1 NB 10

F1 NB 11

F1 NB 12

F1 NB 13

F1 NB 14

F1 NB 15

F1 NB 16

F1 NB 17

F1 NB 18

F1 NB 19

F1 NB 20

F1 NB 21

F1 NB 22

F1 NB 23

F1 24

F1 25

F1 26

F1 27

In the above table there are totally 27 records,where as the no.of records with F1 as company code and NB as transaction code are i have to display like F1 NB and 18 as one record as output.

Thanks and Regards,