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Rows height in Purchase Request OWL screen

Mar 29 at 07:10 AM


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Hello All.

I added an extension text field to BO Purchase Request and enhanced OWL screen (prowllist.OWL), but I faced an issue - rows in the screen have become 2-x higher as were, they are now as below:

I used type "MediumText" for the extension field and it made such an effect.

I also tried using type "Text" (from the list of alloweds) but it has non-fixed length and does not work in Advanced Filter.

import AP.Common.GDT;
import AP.Purchasing.Global;

[Extension] businessobject AP.Purchasing.Global:PurchaseRequest {
        // You must activate this business object before you can access the extension fields
        // or messages in script files, forms, and screens.

   		node Item {
			[Label("Buyer Responsible ID2")]	element BuyerResponsibleID2		: EmployeeID;
			[Label("Buyer Responsible Name2")]	element BuyerResponsibleName2	: Text; // no more used
			[Label("Buyer Responsible Name2")]	element BuyerResponsibleName2x	: MediumText;

I would like something like "LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_MEDIUM_Name" but it was not allowed there (mainly Only Code and ID types in the tip list are suggested. Why?).

Which type may I use for text field in this case without the effect? Is there any workaround?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

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May Thitsa Oo Mar 30 at 08:02 AM

Hi Aleksei,


*Please don't forget to remove your old fields from OWL.

Regards, May

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I checked it works.

Thank you.


Aleksei BELOUSOV Apr 03 at 07:27 AM

Thank you May,

"LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_EXTENDED_Text" seems to be suitable in this place.

If there is not something shorter (<255) I will try using it.

Best regards.


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