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A CPIC function has failed

Dear All,

I am getting error log in sm21.Please guide.

Time Ty. Nr Cl. User Tcod MNo Text Date : 04.09.08

04:55:27 DIA 000 600 BASIS R49



Recording at local and central time........................ 04.09.2008 04:55:27

Task................ 06664 / Dialog work process No. 00

User................ BASIS

Client.............. 600

Terminal............ 192.168.

Session............. 1

Transaction code....

Program name........ SAPMSSY1

Problem class....... K SAP Web AS Problem

Development class... STSK


Further details for this message type

Module name......... thxxcpic

Line................ 3582

Error text.......... 027242

Caller.............. ThCPICS

Reason/called....... CPIC-Er


Documentation for system log message R4 9 :

A CPIC function has failed. The conversation ID and CPIC function are

specified in the system log entries. Use the conversion ID to find

more detailed information about the error in the system log for the SAP


Meaning of the SAP return codes:

1) Gateway errors:

221,,Error in CPIC-SS

222,,Storage bottleneck

223,,Network read error

224,,Network write error

225,,Invalid request

226,,No connection yet

227,,Gateway process terminated

228,,Shared-Memory problem(read)

229,,Shared Memory problem(write)

230,,No free LU

231,,No free gateway process

232,,Error when starting gateway proc.

233,,Incorrect communication type

234,,Connection setup failed

235,,Error in comm. table

236,,No connection to gateway

237,,Connection to gateway closed

238,,Error in GW command (write)

239,,Error in GW comm. (read)

240,,Invalid length

241,,Invalid environment


243,,Error setting up R/3 conn.

244,,Partner has closed connection

245,,Storage overflow

246,,Incorrect APPC header version

247,,APPC server not started

248,,Error accessing TXCOM

249,,Comm. table is full

630,,Invalid mode no. received

631,, of gateways reached

632,,No LU specified

633,, of clients reached

634,,Invalid TP name

635,,fork failed

636,,Invalid NI handle

637,,rexec failed

638,,TP start failed

639,,NiDgSend failed

640,,Internal error

664,,Gateway host is unknown

665,,Gateway service unknown

666,,NI error

667,,exec failed

668,,R/2 restarted

669,,Symb. destination too long

670,,No more side-info entries

Errors in the CPIC interface:

450 ,,No storage

451,,No side-info entry

452,,TP-START failed

453,,No initialization

454,,"getlu" failed

455,,"signal" failed

456,,Timeout during conn. setup

457,,CMALLC failed

458,,CMSEND failed

459,,Prepare-To-Receive failed

460,,"mc_flush" failed

461,,CMRCV failed

462,,Argument missing

463,,"get_allocate" failed

464,,CMDEAL failed

465,,TP-END failed

466,, conv. reached

467,,"snaopen" failed

468,,"snactl" failed

469,,No flush in IBM environment

470,,"snaclse" failed

471,,Status error

472,,No side-info entry

473,,No conversation

474,,Connection closed manually

475,,Connection closed automatically

476,,No partner found

477,,Confirm failed

478,,Confirmed failed

479,,GWHOST not in side-info entry

480,,GWSERV not in side-info e.

481,,PROTOCOL not in side-info entry

482,,LU not in side-info e.

483,,TP not in side-info entry

484,,No gateway

485,,gethostname failed

486,,SAP_CMACCP not executed

487,,Program not in argument list

488,,Host not in argument list

489,,Service not in argument list

490,,Conv-ID not in argument list

491,,Invalid parameter

492,,LU62CVCT failed

493,,LU62ATTCH failed

494,,No CONV table

495,,Incorrect conv.table

496,,Invalid conv modification

497,,NiHostToAddr failed

498,,NiAddrToHost failed

499,,Read operation tab.THOST failed


Technical details

File................ 006117

Position............ 0000025380

Entry type.......... m ( Error (Function,Module,Row) )

Message ID.......... R4 9

Variable parts...... 027242 ThCPICSCPIC-Erthxxcpic3582



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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Sep 04, 2008 at 05:51 AM


    This is related to your connection fail. Pls check your connection status.


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    • Former Member

      Hi An

      In the disp log. i have read note 124562 .

          • ERROR => DpRqCheck: T132 in stat TM_SLOT_FREE [dpxxdisp.c 5754]

          ***LOG Q0G=> DpRqBadHandle, bad_req (NOWP) [dpxxdisp.c 4570]

              • ERROR => BAD REQUEST - Reason: DpRqCheck failed (line 3168): [dpxxdisp.c 4572]

              -IN-- sender_id ICMAN tid 132 wp_ca_blk -1 wp_id -1

              -IN-- action SEND_TO_DP uid 13629 appc_ca_blk -1 type NOWP

              -IN-- new_stat NO_CHANGE mode 0 len -1 rq_id 8195

              -IN-- req_info DP_SOFT_CANCELDP_ICM_EVENT

                  • ERROR => invalid MPI handle: 0 [mpixx.c 2201]

                  • ERROR => invalid MPI handle: 0 [mpixx.c 2201]

                  SoftCancel request for T63 U13628 M0 received from ICMAN

                      • ERROR => DpRqCheck: T63 in stat TM_SLOT_FREE [dpxxdisp.c 5754]

                      ***LOG Q0G=> DpRqBadHandle, bad_req ( DIA) [dpxxdisp.c 4570]

                          • ERROR => BAD REQUEST - Reason: DpRqCheck failed (line 5144): [dpxxdisp.c 4572]

                          -IN-- sender_id DISPATCHER tid 63 wp_ca_blk -1 wp_id -1

                          -IN-- action SEND_TO_WP uid 13628 appc_ca_blk -1 type DIA

                          -IN-- new_stat NO_CHANGE mode 0 len 0 rq_id 8199

                          -IN-- prio HIGH

                          -IN-- req_info DP_SOFT_CANCEL

                          Fri Sep 05 07:49:57 2008

                          DpHdlDeadWp: restart wp (pid=3172) automatically

                          DpHdlDeadWp: restart wp (pid=3252) automatically