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Sep 03, 2008 at 06:29 PM

Another Release Strategy Question - Multi currency



I have been searching for an answer to my delema to no avail on this board, but no answer yet.

My problem:

We have a Purchase Req. strategy with approval by Plant, Cost Center, and Total PR Value.

The PR Value Characteristic is in US Dollars, but one of our companies is in Europe so we also need to have a PR Value Characteristic in Euros.

Currently we have:

Characteristic: Z_PR_AMT referencing field CEBAN-GFWRT. This is in US Dollars.

Z_PR_WERKS referencing field CEBAN-WERKS

Z_PR_KOSTL referencing field CEBAN-KOSTL.

Class: Z_PR_CLA with references to Characteristics: Z_PR_AMT, Z_PR_WERKS, and


Release Group: A1 that is assigned to class Z_PR_CLA

Also, currently all PR's under $1000 (US Dollars) go through Workflow for release, and if the PR is over $1000 (US Dollars), requires a 2nd release.

But, since we have a company in Europe, we also need to be able to have a Release Characteristic for Euros so that PR's in Europe under 1000 Euros go to a new release strategy, and PR's in Europe over 1000 Euros go to a 2nd release strategy.

Can I add a new Characteristic to the Z_PR_CLA refering to the same CEBAN-GFWRT field, but use currency EUR (lets say Characteristic ZPR_AMT_E). Then in CL20N (Classifications) when I am adding the actual values, leave the value information blank for the European Amount characteristic and fill in the US Amount and assign to a US Release Strategy. Then leave blank the US Amount charastieric field and fill in the European Amount characteristic field for Europe Release Strategies?

Will this work?

Thanks in advance.