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E-Recruiting: support team role on requisition for requester

Hi all,

I am working with E-recruiting but somewhat new to it. We have a problem that when the job requisition is created by a requester (not a recruiter), the requester is automatically assigned to the support team (good!) but with the role "0007 - Recruiter" (bad!)

Can someone tell me simply what controls the role number that is assigned to the requester when they create the requisition? What might we need to do to make it another number: 2, 10, or some custom number (98 let's say) depending on the user who creates the requisition?

Thanks for any help you can give and please forgive my relative cluelessness on this topic.

We are using E-Recruit 603 with support package 2, on SAP_BASIS 7 with support package 15.


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3 Answers

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    Sep 04, 2008 at 08:21 PM

    Hello Margaret,

    first of all the bad news in general:

    The role in which the creator of a requisition is added to the support team is hard coded in e-recruiting. This cannot be changed without Modification and should better not be changed.


    The system offers 2 different applications to create requisitions.

    On the one hand there is the standard requisition List HRRCF_REQ_LST which is available via the standard Link Id 1000. This BSP application is designed for recruiters and restricted recruiters to create requisitions. The application is the same for both only the authorization handles if the user can change the status of the requisition directly or needs approval. When using this appilcation the system uses role 0007 for the creator. As said above hard coded. Of course the user could change his assignment to the recruiting team in the recruiting team maintanence.

    On the other hand there is the requisition list of the manager view HRRCF_TPI_REQL (I think sap calls it requester view) which is the stadard startpage link 4000. This application is designed for someone "outside" of the hr usually a manager or domeone from the hiring department. When using this application the creator is added to the recruiting team in role 0010.

    The application differs in some parts from the posibilities of the recruiter application. First of all in standard it only allows to maintain the requisition but not the posting. This results from the sap approach that requisition is the internal view describing the internal requirements of the candidate / the internal attributes of the position while the posting with its texts is the external view. The information you go to the market which needs HR know how to properly address the candidates in the special hiring source.

    I know most rollouts do not follow that approach and publish information from the requisition on theit publications and it is posible to put the posting maintenance tab into this container sequence only proble is the more complicated navigation often regarded as to difficult for managers not using the system every day.

    Othere differences appear in the process of requisition creation. While the recruiter can change the requesition, its recruiting team and its status at any time the manager can not change status or recruiting team. All he can do is to choose a responsible recruiter and hand it over to it (= request it). When he assigns this responsible recruiter, the recruiter is not getting part of the recruiting team yet but is stored in the requisition infotype (HRP5125 field REQUESTED_RCTR). When he hands the requisition to HR this user is moved to the recruiting team again in role 0007. As soon the recruiting team contains more member than the original requester he can no longer change the requisition. And this, to close the circle, is also a reason why you should not modify role 0007 as it is used to determine if the requester can change the requisition or not.

    If you could supply some more information of your requirements perhaps I can give some alternative approaches to get it implemented with reasonable effor.

    Hope I could be a bit of help.

    Best Regards

    Roman Weise

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    Former Member
    Sep 03, 2008 at 06:23 PM


    go to T77RCF_ROLE table through SM31 to get the various roles list in Erec

    Yes what you described about the role on creation of a requisition by a recruiter is SAP standard.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      The role that you defined can be custom example : a role that reports to the hiring manager and all she does is create requisitions. You create the role, assign a start page and give the authorizations to create requisitions

  • Sep 05, 2008 at 12:28 PM

    Thank you to everyone who has replied - all of your answers were helpful.

    Roman identified the problem we had - the start page we were using for the requester was calling the incorrect requisition application. Once we changed that start page to call the requester's version of the application, then the requisition was created with role 10, which I think will be fine for our situation.

    Again, thanks to everyone for your suggestions!


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