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Is Possible to recived email in sap. could I syncronizing my box email?

Hello Everybody,

I'm a doubt.. I conigurated the SCOT for to send email thougth SAP and is ok, but my ask is..

Is possible to received email in SAP at the t-code SBWP, is possible syncronizing the email box with the SAP or not is only possible to send..

Please answer this question as soon as .. and if possible could you explain me ?


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3 Answers

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    Sep 04, 2008 at 04:18 AM


    Please see the below link.


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    Sep 04, 2008 at 10:42 AM

    hi please find the below steps to do the same

    Steps to perform in SAP:

    1. Transaction SM59 u2013 Setup an RFC Destination for the execution of the email transfer

    a. Name: Internet Mail Gateway

    b. Connection Type: T

    c. Description: Internet Mail Gateway

    d. Activation Type: Start

    e. Explicit host:

    i. Program: c:\<dir>\mlunxsnd (I used c:\sapmail)

    ii. Target Host: <Server_Name>

    f. (MENU) Destination -> Gateway Options

    i. Gateway Host: < Server_Name>

    ii. Gateway Service: sapgw00


    g. SAVE

    2. Transaction SCOT u2013 Setup a default domain for your system

    a. (MENU) Settings -> Default Domain

    i. (i.e. Domain u2013

    ii. This setting gives a default to any user who does not have their email address maintained in the system. <user_name>@<default_domain>

    3. Transaction SCOT u2013 Setup of the Node for queuing the emails before transfer to Exchange

    a. Click on u201CINTu201D -> Create button

    b. Give Default name (I choose EXCHG, as this was the node type for the Exchange Connector)

    c. Give Description

    d. Assign the RFC Destination previously created (Internet Mail Gateway)

    e. Node: u201CInternetu201D

    f. Address area: *

    g. Supported address Types:

    i. All formats except the fllw

    ii. ALI, OBJ, OTF, SCR, URL

    h. Choose Ok and Save

    4. Transaction SCOT u2013 Setup a job to execute the send process on the queue.

    a. (MENU) View -> Jobs

    i. Select the Create Button

    ii. Job Name: SAPConnect

    iii. Put Cursor on Variant: SAP&CONNECTINT *As you created an INT Node, you need to run the variant for all of the INT sending. You can select SAP&CONNECTALL, but if you are not using any other node types, you can run with SAP&CONNECTINT.

    iv. Select: Schedule Job Button

    v. Schedule job for a periodic run u2013 approx. every 15 minutes

    vi. Save

    5. Transaction SU01 u2013 Maintain each useru2019s email address

    a. Select users who require the ability to email from SAP

    b. Under the address tab, in SU01, maintain their email address.

    Steps to perform on the SAP system (operating System):

    1. Create a directory for the SAP programs.

    a. Create directory c:\sapmail (Directory can be anything)

    b. Unpack the ML*.CAR file from SAPu2019s website

    c. Alternatively, copy the ML* files from /usr/sap/../run/ directory. This ensures version compatibility with your SAP instance.

    2. Create the directories for your u201Csendmailu201D program


    i. Download the emailrelay program

    b. Create directory c:\winnt\spool\emailrelay

    i. Unpack the contents of the emailrelay zip into this directory

    c. create Directory c:\reskit (Used to make the emailrelay program run as a service


    1. had some great instructions for creating a service on the NT side. (Thank you Tacktech)

    2. Use SRVANY to create the services, as documented below.

    d. Open command prompt

    e. Follow instructions for creating a service

    i. cd \reskit

    ii. execute c:\reskit\instsrv.exe "<SERVICE_NAME_Engine>" c:\reskit\srvany.exe

    1. This service is the u201Cengineu201D

    iii. execute c:\reskit\instsrv.exe "<SERVICE_NAME_Send_Process>" c:\reskit\srvany.exe

    1. This service is the u201Csend processu201D

    iv. Modify the registry to represent the two new services

    v. View instructions for Parameters and Application Creation under the services in the registry

    vi. Command lines should be as follows:

    1. <SERVICE_NAME_Engine> - c:\winnt\spool\emailrelay\emailrelay.exe --as-server --no-daemon

    2. <SERVICE_NAME_Send_Process> - c:\winnt\spool\emailrelay\emailrelay.exe --no-daemon u2013-hidden --forward-to (your_mailhost):SMTP --poll 5

    vii. Start the services using service mgr.

    f. cmd prompt cd \sapmail

    g. mlsomadm c:\sapmail\mailgw.ini (see below)

    3. Create a mailgw.ini file (This file is used by the mlunxsnd program)

    a. Open a command prompt

    b. Change to the directory c:\sapmail

    c. Run command mlsomadm c:\sapmail\mailgw.ini

    i. This creates the parameter file for the send process.

    d. MAILGW.INI entries

    i. System Name: [SID]

    ii. Client: [000]

    iii. Username: [MAILADM] u2013 no user required, as this is not being used for your connection

    iv. Password: [*******] u2013 leave empty

    v. Language: [E]

    vi. Load Balancing: [N]

    vii. Hostname: [app_server_name]

    viii. System Number: [00]

    ix. Gateway Hostname: [ ] u2013 you do not have to specify, it will use the default

    x. Gateway Service: [ ] u2013 default will be used

    xi. Use SAP Router: [N]

    xii. Set Bcc Flag on Env..: [N]

    xiii. Trace Level <In..>: 1

    xiv. Trace file <In..> c:\sapmail\tracein.txt - Can be where ever you want

    xv. Sendmail Command: c:\winnt\spool\emailrelay\submit -u2013from <SENDER_ADDRESS>

    xvi. A warning may come up that says to not use the u201Cu2013tu201D flag. IGNORE

    xvii. Codepage: [ISO-8859-1]

    xviii. Generate Notificat..: [N]

    xix. Trace Level <Out..: [1]

    xx. Trace File <Out..>: c:\sapmail\traceout.txt - Can be where ever you want

    xxi. Update File c:\sapmail\mailgw.ini [Y]

    Steps to perform on the Microsoft Exchange System

    1. Allow the SAP systems to enter on port 25 to send mails using Microsoft Exchange (SMTP Communication)

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    • Former Member

      Great Alankar,

      But this steps is the same for the Linux ? Cause I have to configurate in Linux..

      Another doubt is.. Can I have two nodes .. one configurate normaly without syncronize and another of the same way tha you teach me or Can I configurate the your way for all internal send "sapuser" and external "internet".

      Thanks so much

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    Sep 16, 2008 at 03:06 PM


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