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Sep 03, 2008 at 04:41 AM

Value drop down list control in ADOBE Form


We are on SP16 currently. We are developing an ADOBE interactive online

form using ABAP WebDynpro.

To display search help of a few fields like Vendor Number, G/L Account

Number, Cost Center, we are using 'Value Help Drop Down List' control

availalbe in WebDynpro Native group.

After the form gets loaded on the broswer, first time the search help

control works absolutely fine for any of the field. But only once. Once

one search help gets displayed, none of the other search value drop

down control gets clicked. But please note that normal drop down (with

fixed values) gets clicked and allows to choose any entry from it. It

also allows to enter values into other text box controls. Only Search

Value Drop Down list stops working.

For Example: We have 2 search help drop down list controls (one for

LIFNR and another for WERKS) and 1 drop down list control (Fixed Values

to be displayed for selection).

After form gets displayed on ABAP WebDynpro, if we click on LIFNR, the

search help for LIFNR will come and it will allow to select vendor

number from it. But after that, it doesn't allow to select WERKS nor

even to LIFNR. If we click on WERKS first, it will work perfactly fine

but then, it will not allow LIFNR or WERKS after that. In any of the

case, it will always allow to select the values from Fixed Value Drop

down list.

Please note that we dont have SAP Portal into the landscape.

Is there any bug in the control?

Please provide the solution ASAP.