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Sep 03, 2008 at 02:08 AM

problem using tblfinancelock


Hi Expert,

I have an issue using BPF process, I just know that when I updated the work status to be "Submitted" fo finance apllication using BPF process through BPC Web, then the input schedule report never send data into DB. It's known from the window of warning message. After that the SAP application inserted the new record into the table "tblfinancelock". The SAP application will set the field "StatusCode" be "2".

That process run normally and I never get the error or something like that, but When I've tried to insert the new record directly into the table "tblfinancelock" similar with the above process and set the value of "StatusCode" to be "2", After that I send data through Input Schedule into DB. Unfortunely, That data inserted into DB and appearing the window that contains the sucess information.

Could you give the suggestion why it's happen, maybe I lose the step to do that ?