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Sep 02, 2008 at 08:22 PM

Using the new barcode function in Crystal 2008


We have fields (alphanumeric, special characters, etc.) in our reports that can print with either barcode 39 or barcode 128 symbology depending on what is chosen. These reports were written in earlier versions of Crystal Reports using Azalea's Barcode39-HalfInch-Regular and BarCode128-WideTT-Regular fonts. We are now upgrading our reports and would like to take advantage of the new Change to Barcode functionality in Crystal 2008.

We have purchased the latest Code128 Toolset from Azalea. And, we want to use the barcode 39 fonts that come with Crystal 2008.

I have placed a field on the report. I right click and select Change to Barcode. The following items are listed under the 'Select the desired barcode type:'

Code 128, Codeset A

Code 128, Codeset B

Code 128, Codeset C

Code 39

Code 39 Full ASCII

Code 128 UCC/EAN-128

Code 128 UCC-SSCC

When I select Code 39, the font assigned is Code39AzaleaWide2

When I select Code 128, Codeset B, the font assigned is Code128Wide

My questions are:

1. how do I know which barcode type to select:

2. Do I need to use the font assigned when I selected 'Change to Barcode", or can I select a corresponding Code 39 font (such as Code39Azalea) or Code 128 font (such as Code128VeryWide). Am I limited, or can I select any of the fonts?