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Former Member
Sep 02, 2008 at 08:13 PM

Report hangs when using Remote Desktop


I am having trouble with Crystal Reports 11. I was wondering if there is a known issue when using it in conjuction with Remote Desktop.

Here is the scenario.

I am using Remote Desktop to connect to a server.

I am running a report using Crystal Reports 11.

The records have already been retrieved (approx. 800,000 records) and is printing - slowly.

It takes around 75 minutes for the report to print 12 pages.

If the Remote Desktop connection is closed, then re-established, the Crystal Reports pops up a message box stating "Not Supported". The pages of data the were previously printed are now blank. (For example: if it was on page 1 of 9+ it will go back to 1 of 1+ and the page will be blank.)

If I use a VPN to connect to the network, then use the Remote Desktop Connection to connect to the server, the connection will periodically disconnect and the re-establish. This does not occur when not using Crystal Reports.

Is there a problem with using Crystal Reports with Remote Desktop? Is there a better way to run my reports remotely?

Thanks for any input.