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Sep 02, 2008 at 05:18 PM

Categorizing new Items in WT those came over from SAP.



Here is the scenario:

1. New Items are added in SBO

2. At the next WT Synch, the Items are added in the WT DB, and

3. These new Items are by default part of the WT Default Catalog

Now, question is what is the easiest way to find these newly added Items (that are only part of the default catalog and not part of any other other catalog) so that they can be assigned to User Defined catalogs.

A.) WT Administration > Catalog > Items > Filter: I couldn't find any field through which to search for Items based on the above condition so that Bulk Operation to assign them to User Defined Catalogs can be used.

B.) If option A.) is not possible, then the only other thing I can think of is to do a T-SQL query on the WT DB. But, in that case if there are a lot of new Item being added (which is true in this case) then:

i) We have print the result of the query

ii) and then go through each item manually, which will be time consuming.

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions anyone provides.


Kafil Shumon.