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Sep 02, 2008 at 04:40 PM

Failed to retrieve data from the database


Hello All,

In my stored proc.

I have two decalred parameters as follow:

@AsOfDate varchar (20),

@Entity varchar(8000)= null

at the end of my select statement I have the following code:

WHERE (CPL.Effective_Date = convert (datetime,@AsOfDate) AND (CPD.Src_Intfc_Inst = dbo.udf_wb_GetSourceInstance('STARDIRECT'))

and (CE.Entity_Name = @Entity)

when i run the stored proc in SQL server management I get prompted to enter my parameters it works fine.

when I tried createing my report using (Crystal Report 11.5) the parameter prompter request my parameters but I get error.

failed to retrieve data from the database

detail ado error code ox

@asofdate which was not supplied

Native error [database vendor code:201]

I did create my parameter in crystal is that required ? Since I have it in my stored Proc.