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Sep 02, 2008 at 04:05 PM

ESS NWDI Transport Issue


Hi All,

We have installed ess,mss and pcui_patches on all servers along with Business package.

But now we have requirement to change some of the personal info applications in ess.

So we setup NWDI as below:

Development -> EP Dev

Consolidation -> EP QA

Production -> EP Prod

I have made the source code changes through NWDS and have activated the activities.

The changes are getting reflected in DevPortal.

Now I want to transport those changes to QA system.I have transported the activities from NWDS.

Those activities appeared in Cosolidation Tab of CMS.

Then I imported those activities and in Assembly tab, I assembled the ess component (which was there already). But even after tat the changes are not getting reflected.

When I am trying to import ess component in consolidation, import is getting failed. The error message is:

+20080829090642 Info :Starting Step Repository-import at 2008-08-29 09:06:42.0916 2:00

20080829090642 Info

20080829090642 Info :Version :MAIN_ERP05PAT_C.20080619092956

20080829090642 Info :1. propagation request is of type TCSSoftwareComponent

20080829090643 Info :Propagatable:46fb24433de211dd82100030057116fe exists allready in the repository. No import necessary.

20080829090815 Fatal :VcmFailure received

20080829090815 Fatal :caused by Exception:com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.deltavlib.VcmFailure: Internal Server Error [(pre||post)-condition failed: Internal Server Error]:Internal Server Error [(pre||post)-condition failed: Internal Server Error]

com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.deltavlib.VcmFailure: Internal Server Error [(pre||post)-condition failed: Internal Server Error]

Do we need to import ess component ? or importing only activities is sufficient?

Please help me resolve the issue.