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Navigation from child component to parent

I tried the said solution in this thread Regarding navigation from Interface View and I got the following exception. Cannot navigate from view <EmbededComponentInterfaceView> because it is not part of the current view assembly

This happens when i fire the outbound plug using the following code.

wdThis.wdget<view nameWindowInterfaceView>().wdFirePlugOut();


Solution was as under:


Go to Interface view of your 2nd component and create an OutPlug there. you can see a default inbound plug there due to which you are able to navigate to 2nd view.

After creating out plug build your component to make the changes take affect.

Now create a button on click of which you will navigate to 1st view.

But you will not get this plug in you view controller of 2nd component as default. to get it, put interface view controller as required controllers under Properties tab of your 2nd view.

Now onAction of button put this code

wdThis.wdget<view nameWindowInterfaceView>().wdFirePlugOut();

Now build and deploy 2nd component.

You can get out plug in second view in navigation modeler of 1st component.

create an inbound plug in 1st view and make a navigation link.

you will be able to navigate back

Mandeep Virk

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3 Answers

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    Sep 03, 2008 at 06:41 AM

    Hi Faraz,

    Navigation between two components is possible and have u embeded the view in the window ?

    have a look to this link :

    [] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];

    please specify ur requirements more clearly .

    Thanks and Regards

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    Sep 03, 2008 at 06:52 AM


    1.First place the method you want to expose in DC1 interface controller.

    2. Expose the interface controller as public part in DC1.

    3. Add the public part of Dc1 to Dc2.

    4. Now add the InterfaceComponentController of DC1 in DC2 .

    5. Now you should be able to access to methods in Dc1 interface controller. access outbound plug just writ


    I am new to webdynpro java up to my knowledge i answered the question if it useful give me points

    The DC is a software entity that is reusable any where.For Re usability purpose DCs will be created in your project. Suppose if we create a webdynpro DC say DCA and there are two webdynpro components say DCA_Comp1 and DCA_Comp2. I have a one more DC say DCB. This DCB wants the functionality of DCA_Comp1..

    Then add DCA_Comp1 to the public part of DCA.

    Add DCA in DCB. Explore DCDefinition->Used DCs-- >(Right click) --->Select Add DC

    In DCB component declare a comp and used components.

    Now in DCB you can use the functionality of DCA_Comp1 but you can not use DCA_Comp2 because its not added to public part



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    Former Member
    Sep 03, 2008 at 07:27 AM

    Hi Faraz,

    Please follow the below Steps:

    U have two development Components say Dc1 and Dc2 .

    u have navigate from Dc1 to dc2 vice versa.

    Dc1 Component :

    In the view , create a button say GO.

    open the window , create a Outbound Plug for the view (Right Click on the view -->Create OutBound Plug).

    Go to the View Controller Class, in the OnActionGo Event Handler fire the outbound plug .

    Dc2 Component :

    In the View Create a button Say Back .

    In the Interface View , Create a OutBound plug say "ToFirstComponentDc1" with the same name create the outbound plug in the window Editor Controller (Type is Standard).

    In the View Editor add the window Controller as the require Controller .

    create a event handler say "Back" in the window Controller .

    In the View Java Editor , call the window controller back event handler .

    Add the dc2 to the Public Part(Right Click on the dc1 -->Add topublic Part).

    Go to Development Infrastructure :

    Select the Dc1 --> go the Component Properties , add the Dc2 to the dc1 .

    Finally right Click on the Dc1-->Syn/Create project -->Sync dcs .

    Sync Dcs Should be Done to both the Dcs

    In the Dc1-->Used Components -->Right Click >Add Dcs>Select the dc2 and life cycle be CreateOndemand.

    Open The window editor of Dc1 :

    Embed the Interface View of dc2

    and Create Data Link between the Oubound Plug nad Inbound Plug between dc1 ad dc2.

    Finally deploy the dc2 first and dc2 1

    if u have doubt let me know

    thanks and regards

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