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Former Member
Sep 02, 2008 at 01:18 PM

Xcelsius and Data Connectivity error #2148 (Flash Security)


Hi all,

I have XML files that are pushed from my SQL server onto a Shared file folder (not a web folder, since IIS is not installed).

I created a public shared folder on my station in which these XML files are dumped every X hours.

I created an Excel file, imported the XML data, created the source for the dashboard, etc.

Now, going to Data Manager, I select Excel XML maps and try to refresh it using the Connection Refresh button.

The XML Data URL is linked to file://

It works on MY station, but as soon as another user, on another station opens the file
MACHINE\SHARED\Xcelsius.swf and tries to refresh the data, they get the error 2148, which is the common one for Flash security.

The said folder's permissions are set to "Read" to "Everyone". Users can access the
MACHINE\SHARED\ folder and browse contents and open any file.

There is the Crossdomain.xml workaround possible for Web servers, but what can I do for a FILE folder?

Thanks a million, this is a puzzling one for me and I've been spending quite a lot of time trying to find the answer...